Pengaruh kepuasan kerja dan komitmen organisasi terhadap turnover intention pada karyawan hotel Selyca Mulia Samarinda tahun 2018 (Vebrina Vinca Veronia)

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  • Judul artikel eJournal: Pengaruh kepuasan kerja dan komitmen organisasi terhadap turnover intention pada karyawan hotel Selyca Mulia Samarinda tahun 2018
  • Pengarang (nama mhs): Vebrina Vinca Veronia
  • Abstrak (max. 1600 huruf atau 250 kata): The purposes of this research are to test and analyze the influence of work satisfaction and organizational commitment both simultan and partially, and to find out which one of those variables more dominant. This research uses work satisfaction theory with three indicators. They are Salary, Promotion and Work Condition. Then the organizational Commitment’s theory with three indicators which are Continuance Commitment, Normative Commitment and Affective Commitment. The last theory is Turn-over Intention’s theory, that consists of three indicators which are Thinking of Quitting, Intention to search for Alternative Job and Intention to Quit. This research uses Descriptive Quantitatif Method which is a method that uses survey approaching through questionnaire with ordinal type of data or primarial qualitative data which measured with Likert Scale so the data becomes Quantitative ones. This research concludes that according to F simultan test, both variables are simultany affect the Turn-over Intention variable. As for partial T test, shows that both variables partially affect the Turn-over Intention variable. And the variable that has most significant effect toward Turn-over Intention is Work Satisfaction Variable, because the standardized coefficients beta is higher than the standardized coefficients beta of Organizational Commitment Variable. The researcher suggests five things. First, the company should gives appropriate service fee. Second, arranging a family gathering for the employee. Third, giving reward to employee with good performance. Fourth, the company should gives their employee trainings to make their skills improved. And the last suggestion is, the company should gives firm sanctions toward employee who’s not work according to the rules.
  • Kata kunci (max. 80 huruf atau 10 kata): Work satisfaction, organizational commitment, turn-over intention.
  • NIM: 1502095051
  • Angkatan (tahun masuk, mis. 2009): 2015
  • Program Studi: Administrasi Bisnis
  • Sumber tulisan: Skripsi
  • Pembimbing: Tuti Wediawati, S.Sos., M.Si Fareis Althalets, S.Par., M.Par
  • Nama eJournal: eJournal Administrasi Bisnis
  • Volume: 7
  • Nomor: 4
  • Tahun: 2019
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